Ventilation Service in Winona, MN

Horman’s HVAC believes that a healthy home is a happy home. That’s why we carry and install the finest residential and commercial ventilation systems in the Winona, Minnesota area. We also offer maintenance and repair on existing systems.

What is an Air Exchanger?

Because homes and commercial spaces are sealed, inside air is loaded with moisture and contaminants that form from the activities of anyone or anything dwelling within. An air exchanger will take the unhealthy air from inside the structure and replace it with fresh air from outside. Air exchangers can be used in conjunction with your existing HVAC equipment, including central air conditioning and forced-air heating systems. The addition of an air exchange ventilation system will drastically improve indoor air quality by reducing the humidity which produces mold and mildew, removing dust particles, decreasing fumes and gases that can be emitted by such things as carpets and upholstery, and more.

Clean Air is Vital to Health

Contact Horman’s HVAC today  we would be happy to discuss with you all the benefits a new ventilation system can add to your home or business. As always, we offer free, no-obligation estimates and stand behind all of our work.